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Teaching schools

Teaching schools are being encouraged to set up a commercial vehicle in order to support the successful delivery of leadership and teacher training for teachers and leaders. To do so, it is important that you ensure you have robust arrangements in place to support the successful delivery of your teaching school vision. Whether you are an academy or a maintained school we have the expertise to support and assist you in realising your teaching school model. In doing so, we can prepare the legal documentation required to set up your teaching school model whether or not you choose to set up a company. Set out below are the two models available. To know which one suits you best, please see our separate briefing note.

Option 1 

For a fixed fee of £1,250 plus VAT we draft your alliance agreement. We will discuss and agree with you and your alliance partners to ensure that this agreement clearly sets out: 

  • the governance arrangements of the alliance 
  • the parties’ respective roles 
  • how alliance services are to be delivered

Option 2

We form a company to support your teaching school status for a fixed fee of £2,500 plus VAT. This will include a members’ agreement between your school and the company which includes important protections for governors; in particular, restrictions on the activities the company can carry out without governors’ consent. This includes drafting:

  • board minutes (for the school and the company) 
  • memorandum and Articles of Association 
  • all Companies House forms 
  • subscription letter (if required)
  • loan agreement (if required) 
  • alliance agreement (as set out above at option 1) 
  • members’ agreement 
  • standard terms of conditions

How it works

It’s very simple. When you sign up, we will contact you to discuss your structural requirements. We can then assist you in putting the formal arrangements in place to enable you to realise your teaching school vision.