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Image of two health staff walking down a corridor, and another speaking to a patient in a wheelchair

Investigations and inquiries

At Browne Jacobson we have vast experience of handling reviews, investigations and inquiries on behalf of health bodies and other public authorities, nationwide. Our expertise has allowed us to develop a clear understanding of the legal and political issues you could face, whether undertaking an internal investigation or facing an external process.

We are more than aware that a big challenge of inquiries and major investigations is that they draw resources and energy from organisations’ business-as-usual activities.

You’re in safe hands. With over 30 years of experience, we can give you an impressive blend of expertise gathered from work in the health and wider public sector. As well as this experience, we have supported clients dealing with governance systems, giving us in-depth knowledge of the legal and practical issues which often form the background to an inquiry or investigation in the health sector.

Our ambitious team works with both regional and national clients as well as other regulatory spheres, in the corporate world and criminal investigations. Our approach is to encourage you to look more holistically at the issues you face and develop a clear action-plan, initially in the form of a 30-day plan.

Not only do we analyse how your risk and assurance processes oversee and support your investigation processes, we strive to offer strategic, practical and pragmatic advice to take the pressure off you, giving you capacity to address the issues raised.

Featured experience

Covid-19 Public Inquiry

A cross-departmental firm team supported one of the core participants in this inquiry.

Essex Mental Health independent inquiry

Our team supported the FT, which was created to cover Essex in respect of the inquiry into in-patient mental health deaths from 2000 - 2020. 

Jimmy Saville NHS inquiry

Several of our team were part of the core legal team advising on the three main Savile investigations at Leeds, Stoke Mandeville and Broadmoor hospitals.

Manchester Arena Inquiry

We acted for one of the core participants, NHS England at the inquiry.

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