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Corporate legal liability

Our experienced corporate legal liability team brings together commercial awareness and legal specialism to provide effective dispute resolution in a wide range of corporate legal liability scenarios and claims that may also involve directors and officers, insolvency and regulatory issues and claims. 

Our national team of insurance practitioners represent insurers and policyholders in disputes involving the liability of directors and officers of SMEs, non-profit entities, as well as limited and general partnerships. We act for insurers in assessing policy response, preparing coverage opinions, as well as the defence of coverage issues in legal proceedings or at arbitration.   

We act for directors and officers and their companies in both civil and criminal proceedings and scenarios. We often defend directors in shareholder disputes, directors and entities in connection with wrongful trading/insolvency claims, health and safety, employment, civil fraud, regulatory and environmental matters. Our full-service law firm with national experience allows for collaborative work across a wide range of industries and sectors to provide expert advice in the defence of claims and achieving the best outcomes for our clients.   

  • Advising insurers on policy terms and coverage. 

  • Defending coverage actions in court and arbitration. 

  • Defending corporate legal liability claims against the company. 

  • Advising and defending shareholders in disputes against the company or directors and officers including Corporate Manslaughter. 

  • Advising the company and its board on regulatory investigations and proceedings. 

  • Drafting/revising policy wordings. 


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