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ESG services: Environmental, Social and Governance

Our ESG lawyers advise on all aspects of sustainability and responsibility and the environmental, social and governance (ESG) ‘dimensions’. Our ESG legal services includes advising on both internal, developmental projects and projects by which organisations publicly contribute to broader economic and social initiatives, such as clean energy, and equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) data-gathering.

ESG legal services play a pivotal role in addressing the growing importance of ESG matters in financial services. Our clients include established institutions and participants, and new entrants to financial services and other markets. We work alongside clients’ compliance, legal, risk and sustainability units, as well as helping firms develop their own ESG functionality.

Clients welcome our ability to deploy expertise on a pragmatic basis, and to take full account of the sensitivities and challenges associated with ESG law projects such as: ‘scope 3 emissions’ assessments and supply chain decarbonisation programmes; remuneration and board effectiveness reviews; and climate-related and board diversity disclosures – in particular, as required by the UK Financial Conduct Authority in its ‘ESG’ sourcebook and Listing Rules.

We have extensive experience in handling internal investigations, and associated notifications and other reporting to regulators, including where a business has been subject to, or itself sought to effect, whistleblowing.

We find that clients especially value our ability to undertake work with the benefit of the confidentiality of legal privilege, enabling them to address issues in a more forthright and constructive way.

Our ESG in 3D content covers developments and emerging trends across the ESG dimensions, and the sustainability and responsibility (S&R) involved in those dimensions. Our goal is to support businesses navigate the changing world of ESG.

ESG in 3D

Featured experience


We were the legal advisers to the Midlands Engine and its Ten Point plan for green growth. We have also advised firms and individual directors on their potential liabilities as a result of activist strategies, including minority shareholder and third party actions in relation to climate / carbon and EDI disclosures, liabilities and other ESG risk management.


We have undertaken a number of board effectiveness reviews. We have also advised extensively as part of an ongoing strategic project to assist an international insurance group in enhancing its decision-making and performance against its own and regulators’ standards and expectations in respect of customer treatment, including with respect to the Consumer Duty, Operational Resilience, and Vulnerable Consumers.


We worked with an international insurance group on processes to enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of its recruitment into specialist professional functions and units.


We advised Manchester City Council on the set-up of the Civic Quarter Heat Network, a sustainable energy project to power listed and historic buildings.

Frequently asked questions

ESG lawyers offer advice on sustainability and responsibility areas like environmental impact, social concerns, and governance (ESG). They guide both internal and external projects, such as clean energy initiatives and promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion (EDI).

ESG law focuses on how companies handle their environmental, social, and governance responsibilities. It guides businesses in sustainable practices to meet environmental and social standards.

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