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Insurance distribution for financial services businesses

At Browne Jacobson we’re specialists in all aspects of insurance product distribution, from both a regulatory and commercial perspective. We understand that many non-insurance financial services firms are involved in the distribution of regulated insurance products as an additional service for their customers.

As experts in insurance product distribution, we’re perfectly placed to help our clients with the necessary arrangements to ensure their commercial needs are met, whilst maintaining compliance with all regulatory requirements relating to product information, regulatory permissions and the handling of client money.

We bring a pragmatic, down-to-earth approach to the advice we give to clients across the financial services sector in relation to the distribution of insurance, including advice on book transfers, binders, customer-facing documents and regulatory permissions and notifications.

Featured experience

Arrangements between a wealth management firm

Advising on the arrangements between a wealth management firm and a managing general agent in relation to the sale of insurance policies to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth customers.

Book purchase of personal lines policies

Advising in relation to a book purchase of personal lines policies and customers from a high street bank to a major retail insurer, including advising on transactional documents, customer-facing communications and regulatory compliance issues.

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