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Trade mark protection services

Our experienced and award-winning trade mark lawyers helps to protect, enforce and commercialise some of the world’s leading brands. Our clients include owners of extensive worldwide portfolios in the UK, Europe and other jurisdictions as well as smaller businesses whose reputation depends on a single brand.

Whatever your brand means to your business, we can help.

We have the experience and know-how to meet the needs of your business. We listen. We provide highly commercial, cost-effective legal advice and solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and brand.

Our success is built on long-lasting relationships with clients who trust us. We have an excellent track record of delivering the straightforward commercial advice and exceptional client service that clients want.

Our 21-member strong intellectual property team is recognised by Chambers as “a go-to firm for heavyweight IP matters by its clients” and is ranked by World Trademark Review, Managing Intellectual Property and IAM Patent 1000, as well as Chambers and Legal 500. Our team has extensive experience assisting a premium client portfolio of global household names and luxury brands. We’re entrusted with protecting some of the world’s leading brands.

We’ve been instructed to handle a number of the UK’s leading cases and have helped shape trade mark law in the UK and Europe. We’re used to working on high-stakes disputes, and we have an excellent track record. That can mean taking cases to trial or settling them on favourable terms. We understand litigation risk, and we know how to manage costs, while fighting your corner.

We’ve also helped brands with complex licences and co-existence agreements.

Our brand experts are regularly involved in big ticket litigation, including recently defending the ability of Wolverhampton Wanderers, a Premier League football club, to continue using its longstanding club badge, and a leading Court of Appeal case for London Taxi.

We’re co-founders of an international network of independent law firms, Pangea Net, a nonexclusive network operating in 25 countries – and our reach extends well beyond that.

Featured experience

A global tyre company

Helping a global tyre company protect their brand against parallel imports. 

A leading Champagne house

Advising a leading Champagne house on another successful claim about misuse of their trade mark.

A major construction company

Developing a global brand protection programme for a major construction company, managing registration and enforcement.

Cosmetics and health companies

Running anti-counterfeiting programmes including for cosmetics and health companies.


Frequently asked questions

Trade mark lawyers are legal professionals who specialise in protecting, enforcing, and commercialising brands. They provide tailored legal advice to clients, assist in registering trade marks, and handle disputes to safeguard their clients' brand assets.

Trade marks can protect names, logos, slogans, symbols, sounds, scents, and even unique product packaging that distinguish goods or services. Essentially, anything that serves to identify the source of goods or services can be protected by a trade mark. Trade marks safeguard the uniqueness and reputation of brands in the marketplace.

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