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Our specialist team of lawyers can advise on all aspects of product liability from ensuring a company has the right insurance coverage and supplier contracts in the event something goes wrong, to product recalls and brand preservation, dispute resolution and advising upon claims arising from alleged defective products. Product liability matters are technically complex, often cross-jurisdictional and the financial implications and reputational damage of getting it wrong can be significant.

We can ensure clients have the relevant protections and procedures in place prior to product launch to respond to any issues which might arise, can pressure test our clients to ensure they are ready in the event of a recall or serious safety issue and skilfully handle any litigation which ensues. When such claims arise, we handle them with a sharp focus upon wider reputational concerns and pay particular attention to potential proliferation of claims, guaranteeing clients feel supported throughout. We work collaboratively with clients to ensure we gather the requisite evidence including expert input to enable us to deliver clear advice and ensure the best overall outcome. Our understanding of the technical aspects of such claims pays dividends when strategic decisions need to be taken.