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Waste and recycling

At Browne Jacobson we’re proud to lead the way in advising on waste and recycling matters, whether for the public or private sector. Our specialist team has advised on some of the most important and valuable transactions in the sector. Across every piece of work we’ve brought in-depth knowledge of the law and the market relating to waste management. 

We understand that you value our deep understanding of policy and the regulatory landscape, as well as our practical, hands-on experience of the waste and recycling sector. 

We make it our business to be at the forefront of society’s biggest issues, advising in relation to the establishment and transfer of many of the UK’s Energy from Waste facilities. Recovery of energy from waste not only keeps waste out of landfill, but also is a valuable source of renewable energy, reducing the dependence on burning fossil fuels. How society disposes of its waste and the extent to which we reduce, reuse and recycle waste are critical factors in addressing today’s environmental agenda. By tackling waste in this way, we understand we are all making our contribution.  

Our waste sector team is valued for its expertise and experience by the waste industry, funders and local government alike, each of which have a stake in the delivery of waste and recycling services, Energy from Waste facilities and education and information on how we can protect our precious environment by reducing our waste. 

Our expertise

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