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Procurement Act: Getting Ready for Reform

The landscape of public procurement law is changing and the transformation it is promising could be a significant shift for public sector bodies and suppliers. The Procurement Bill is in the last stages of the Parliamentary process and the countdown has now begun for the implementation of the Procurement Act 2023.

But this is only part of the story. Whilst it's important to understand the provisions of the Procurement Bill there is so much more yet to come. Government guidance and secondary legislation is yet to finalised and will contain important information on the transition process and how some of the elements of the Bill and wider regime will be brought into effect.

Whether purchasing health and care services, commissioning new IT systems, or outsourcing waste or leisure facilities the public procurement framework is changing, and the question is - are you ready for reform?

Status of the Procurement Bill

The Procurement Bill returned to the Lords to consider the amendments on 11 September 2023. There is no anticipated date of Royal Assent, but it is likely to be late Autumn 2023. Once Royal Assent is received there will be an implementation period of 6 months to allow for training and knowledge building before the go-live date. The Cabinet Office anticipated go-live date is October 2024. Please visit our events and insights page to keep updated with any changes to the progress of the legislation.

How can Browne Jacobson help?

At Browne Jacobson, we’ve always worked across business and society, and this expertise sets us apart. Here, we champion fairness, make the complex simple, and forge connections between clients to find creative solutions. To assist with the transition Browne Jacobson are now officially launching our Ready for Reform campaign. Join us as we help you navigate through the upcoming changes to the public procurement regime. Browne Jacobson’s leading public procurement lawyers will be:

  • Providing regular updates on the Procurement Act, including any developments on secondary legislation and Government issued guidance
  • Running a Ready for Reform Podcast series where we will be sharing our insights on the Procurement Act, giving practical tips on how to prepare for the impending changes and talking to procurement professionals about their experiences
  • Regular webinars on some of the key elements of the Act
  • Sector specific insights
  • Launching products that will assist your organisation move smoothly to the new regime, including:
    • Training sessions: delivered at board level, operational level or through a series of modules focussing on key aspects of the new regime for procurement officers these sessions will get the key messages home at the right level
    • Document review: the change in frameworks will necessitate the review of procurement policies, Standing Financial Instructions, template procurement documents and more. Our team are experienced in drafting all forms of procurement documents and can assist in this exercise
    • Guidance documents: the new regime will be take time to bed in and many queries will arise in the early days we provide organisations with guidance documents and flow charts to support the early navigation of the new regime.

In addition to offering our package of support there is the option to work with us to tailor a bespoke approach for your organisation.

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