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Partnerships and limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

Operating a partnership or LLP can be as challenging as it is exhilarating; with a host of practical and legal issues to consider throughout the lifecycle of the business. A partnership or LLP is so much more than a vehicle through which to conduct business. More than just a Partnership Agreement or LLP Deed, it’s an identity, a culture and a melting pot of ideas and energy, often combined with politics and tensions.

Lifecycle - key areas of advice


  • Partnership and LLP Agreements - drafting, interpreting, amending - and supporting necessary consultation
  • Capital Investment - tax and employment status
  • Governance, authority, restrictions and member duties


  • Leadership / coaching support
  • Dispute resolution, mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Employment / HR services – including contract and policy documents, immigration and reorganisations
  • Investigations / disciplinary processes - conduct or training
  • Reputation management
  • Intellectual property (IP) / website


  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Departure arrangement, enforcement of restrictive covenants and consultancy arrangements and IR35 issues
  • Closure and insolvency processes and closing account disputes

Why choose Browne Jacobson solicitors?

Our team clearly understands the legal issues around partnerships and LLPs and has experience of how to manage the impact these issues can have on the conduct and culture of your business.

Iain Blatherwick leads the team, bringing his experience of 11 years as managing partner at Browne Jacobson - a period which saw the firm grow beyond all recognition, but which also had more than its fair share of challenges. Throughout his career, Iain has advised partnership and LLP clients. He is now also a qualified executive coach and keen to work with people in leadership positions, fully understanding the pressure and occasional loneliness of the role and the responsibilities which go with it.

Partners Ian Deakin and Paul Kirkpatrick and Legal Director Dawn Lobley bring a wealth of experience to the lead team around topics such as partner status, capital needs, disputes, restrictive covenants, conduct issues and investigations. We’re backed up by the firm’s specialists on service lines such as real estate, taxation, intellectual property, commercial contracts, banking, regulatory - meaning we really can provide all the advice you need for your business from inception to day-to-day trading challenges, right through to exit.