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Instant in-house: an outsourced legal solution

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Supporting you through the Coronavirus challenge

Now, more so than ever, with the challenges of Covid-19, we want to do all we can to make your lives easier and support your business in the right way.

We can provide you with an immediate solution to any resourcing challenges you are facing and become a virtual extension of your team, taking care of your day-to-day legal requirements.

Instant In-House is a tailored retainer arrangement which delivers the fixed-price certainty associated with in-house resource, but provides increased flexibility, and without the additional challenges that go together with sourcing additional employees. You will have access to our team of over 400 lawyers and the international legal network PANGEA NET, of which we are a founding member.

We can deploy resources with very little disruption to you, to share that burden and allow your teams to focus on their priorities. The lawyers will be dedicated to you and will be fully set up to work remotely.

This model allows us to deliver our advice quickly, with a deeper insight into your business, and more cost-effectively for you.

We are open to discussing the commercial arrangements of this retainer.

How it works

We understand that time may be of the essence so we will set up the retainer package in three quick steps:

Stage 1: gain an understanding of your requirements and put a team in place to support you

We will provide a brief consultation over the phone, free of charge, providing us with an opportunity to better understand your requirements.

We will immediately appoint a client relationship manager as your day-to-day point of contact. They will regularly call you and can be available to dial in to key meetings when you need them. They will understand your business and share that knowledge with anybody else who they engage to deliver advice to you – this support will save you valuable time.

Stage 2: we agree your bespoke retainer package

We will provide you with a proposal setting out our suggested scope of work, the team of lawyers who you will be working with and a pricing model which is straightforward and represents excellent value. You will have certainty on fees, which will allow you to budget your legal spend for the financial year, at a time when many fear financial uncertainty. There is no need to set up new matters, agree terms of engagement and agree fees for each individual piece of work. Your admin is significantly reduced and dealt with up front.

We will consider your key issues and prioritise the work to be undertaken. When you are happy with our proposed solution, we will formalise what we have agreed in an engagement letter.

Stage 3: we get to work

From that point on, you and your wider team will be able to call upon our services, treating us as an extension of your in-house team.

We deliver our advice quickly and efficiently, and you don’t have to worry about obtaining fee estimates and other formalities.


Once the Instant In-House service is up and running, we will review the retainer with you at regular intervals (typically monthly or quarterly). Given the unique nature of the recent challenges, it’s especially important to make sure you are getting the best value, and to provide flexibility should your needs change.

At these review meetings we report on the amount of time we have incurred and provide complete transparency, to ensure you are happy that the service represents good value for your organisation.

Next steps

Would you like to find out more about how our Instant In-House service could help support the legal and regulatory needs of your organisation? We would love to speak to you. Please contact one of our team using the details below or complete the form on this page and someone will be in touch to discuss this with you.

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