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ESG in 3D, December 2022

11 December 2022

Welcome to ‘ESG in 3D’, covering developments and emerging trends across the environmental, social & governance (ESG) dimensions, and the sustainability & responsibility (S&R) involved in those dimensions.

This month’s issue...

Highlights the intersection of the E, S and G dimensions, and also highlights the fact that addressing one dimension inevitably raises issues for at least one other.

Kirsty Finlayson has explained the scene-setting for COP15, and in the next edition we’ll be looking at the outcomes of this for the correlation between biodiversity (as part and parcel of the natural environment) and global society and the economy.

Alistair Taylor looks at the issues around the UK’s Clean Air bill, and the legal and social right to the environmental feature of air quality.

Ray Silverstein addresses proposals for a code of conduct for ESG data and ratings providers, which may be the first step towards wholesale regulation of that industry.

This month there are three articles from me. The first is on the FCA’s recent speech about the nexus between culture, governance and D&I.

The second covers preliminary work done to bring effective governance and controls into the carbon offset markets.

The third covers considerations as to ‘Decentralised Autonomous Organisations’, and whether these phenomena are an evolutionary step in socio-economic collaboration, or just a misunderstanding of the laws as to the attribution of liability.

We hope all our readers enter 2023 with renewed vigour and enthusiasm for the challenges and opportunities ahead. For our part, we will be returning with a new look ...



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