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Jeremy Irving



+44 (0)20 7337 1010


Jeremy is the head of our financial services regulatory practice. This practice advises on prudential (capital) and conduct regulation across a range of industries including banking, claims management, consumer credit, derivatives, funds, general and life insurance, payment services and electronic money, and securities. 

Jeremy primarily focuses on strategic advice for clients’ compliance, legal, risk and sustainability functions in relation to regulators’ BAU and enhanced supervisory activity, such as risk management programmes and skilled person reports, and enforcement activity. Jeremy advises extensively on ESG issues, especially firm culture and governance.  

Jeremy’s work includes corporate growth projects (e.g. M&A and strategic partnerships) and value protection (e.g. dispute resolution involving competitors or former counterparties or employees). This involves matters such as: firm authorisations; changes in control; capital adequacy; cross-border business; appointed representative and other outsourcing or distribution arrangements; investigations and notifications; senior manager approvals, structures and responsibilities; and whistleblowing. 

Jeremy frequently advises in relation to the ‘regulatory perimeter’ and the potential need for authorisation, exemption or additional permissions. These issues have the potential to attract criminal liability and financial crime risk.

Featured experience

Consumer credit / the regulatory perimeter

Advising on handling the post-acquisition discovery of a legacy of credit arrangements inadvertently offered to SMEs within the scope of consumer credit regulations. 

Fund Management and FinTech

Advising on the regulatory and operational issues arising in a high-value transaction in the managed portfolio service sector. 

Payment services

Advising on challenges to regulatory capital and on a major project to optimise compliance systems and controls in relation to a group’s operational consolidation. 

Insurance regulatory

Providing advice as to regulatory activity relating to high-profile general insurance products with implications on a number of fronts for conduct, governance and systems and controls. 


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