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ESG in 3D, November 2022

11 November 2022

Welcome to ‘ESG in 3D’, covering developments and emerging trends across the environmental, social & governance (ESG) dimensions, and the sustainability & responsibility (S&R) involved in those dimensions.

This month’s issue...

With COP 27 taking place this month, this edition focusses on Environmental national and far-reaching issues, including articles from Alistair Taylor, Ben Standing and I on:

  • Lloyds becoming the first UK bank to halt new oil and gas funding
  • The potential of floating offshore wind pipelines
  • The FCA’s anti-greenwash proposals
  • Uncertainty of Investment Zones
  • Non-compliance and the Environmental Act 2021

Environment and Social share the spotlight with Jeniz White taking a look at investors groups calling for action from the Government in relation to climate change plans.

In the Social space we take a look at the Employment Tribunal’s Starling Bank decision from our employment partner Raymond Silverstein. Jeremy Irving looks at the FCA Financial Lives Survey – Socio-demographics and Financial Vulnerability whilst Jeniz White looks at Disability & Access in Banking

Finally, from a Governance perspective, Jeremy Irving looks at ESG in deals and investments as well as the Progress Report on Climate-Related Disclosures.

If you would like to get in touch with any of us in relation to the issues raised, please contact us.



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