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Complaints procedure for schools support pack

The Browne Jacobson complaints procedure for schools support pack has been designed for senior leaders, clerks and governing boards. This comprehensive pack including a template complaints procedure and policy, with a range of editable letters and resources for academies and trusts to manage their complaints process. 

Many schools are reporting a significant increase in the workload generated by the volume and complexity of complaints about schools they receive, particularly from parents. This is coupled with increasingly tight budgets and increasing demands on school staff, leaving them with little time to deal with school complaints efficiently and effectively.
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For further information download our Complaints Management support brochure.

Clare Ridehalgh Deputy Trust Lead, Cornwall Education Learning Trust (CELT)
“The pack provides excellent guidance. This is great reference material to refresh minds on procedures. It also ensures consistent responses across the Trust.”

We’ve put together this best practice guidance for school complaints procedures pack to enable schools and trusts to handle complaints as efficiently as possible, whilst ensuring that meritorious complaints are given the appropriate time and attention.

Our model complaints procedure meets the legal requirements for school complaints procedures and the template letters will help ensure you are adhering to the complaints procedure to help avoid challenge down the line.

The pack’s supporting materials have been drafted by our award-winning legal experts to:

  • help ensure consistency in your approach to complaints, with all leaders/governors working from the same school complaints policy and templates
  • give you confidence that the policy and letters you use are comprehensive, up to date, legally compliant and reflect best practice for school complaints procedures 
  • save you time and resource by helping you to ‘get this right’ from the outset

The complaints procedure for schools support pack includes:

  • template school complaints policy (SAT and MAT)
  • template letters to use at all stages of the school complaints procedure 
  • template letters to manage vexatious complaints 
  • checklists for stages 2 and 3
  • template school complaint witness statement for information gathering 
  • index for school complaints committee hearing documents 
  • script for chair of school complaints committee
  • template minutes for school complaints committee hearing 
  • Training, clerking and representation information
  • FAQs.


The comprehensive pack of checklists and templates to guide you through the complaints procedure for schools is £750 plus VAT.

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An Academy Trust Director of Finance and Corporate Services
"We found that the scripted draft templates for the agenda and minutes of meetings were particularly beneficial for the chairs and the clerk of meetings and that this will add to the consistency of approach"

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