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Property dilapidations

Our offer 

Dilapidations claims are one of the key areas of property management. They frequently involve very substantial sums and complex legal issues. The uncertainty over initial legal costs often means lawyers are not instructed until much later in the process which involves risk for both clients and their non-legal advisors.

Our dilapidations product is a fixed fee service. It aims to remove those uncertainties and to ensure your claim is put on a proper legal footing from the outset. 

Take the uncertainty out of dealing with your property dilapidations with our fixed price product:

  • free consultation - giving you advice tailored to your case on the legal issues which will underpin your claim, as well as our experienced view on the key challenges you might encounter as you pursue your claim
  • deal with dilapidations early – included in the fee is our letter serving the dilapidations schedule and we also provide you with important information on key legal issues associated with dilapidations claims; such as costs recovery, offers and settlement and pre- and post-action procedures
  • know your legal costs upfront – our fixed price product gives you an upfront view of your initial legal costs – so whether you have one property to deal with or a portfolio of hundreds you can forecast your costs to your organisation in advance
  • use at a time that’s convenient for you – our dilapidations product is completely flexible - it can be used either before or after your lease expiry
  • full legal advice – use our dilapidations product both before and after your lease expiry and we’ll give you a loyalty discount.
  • expert advice from leaders in the field - we are recognised as one of the leaders in the property litigation field with multiple ratings from both Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners legal directories.
  • extensive experience - we advise hundreds of landlords and tenants across the commercial, public and health sectors. We regularly act on high value or complex dilapidations claims from pre-proceedings to Court of Appeal. 

Take advantage of fixed fee dilapidations advice 

Our product is aimed to assist property owners and managers both in the private and public sectors. By using this product we also aim to help building surveyors who are seeking to achieve an early negotiated settlement but are keen that their client’s claim has firm legal foundation. 

How it works

You can use our fixed price dilapidations product either before or after your lease expiry or combine them together for comprehensive legal advice throughout the lease expiry process. 

  • Review of the lease and schedule of dilapidations
  • Initial 15 minute free telephone consultation
  • Written advice on the dilapidations obligations, the legal issues which underpin dilapidations claims (including the settlement, ADR, costs and Protocol matters) and key issues you are likely to need to address when pursuing the claim
  • Drafting and serving uncosted schedule of dilapidations and/or (if instructed after the lease has ended) drafting and serving terminal claim for dilapidations in accordance with dilapidations protocol.

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James Coles

James Coles Partner and Head of Real Estate Litigation

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James Coles

James Coles

Partner and Head of Real Estate Litigation

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