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Admissions appeal services


Even in normal circumstances admissions appeals can be emotive and challenging for admission authorities. With strict social distancing measures still in force the Department for Education (DfE) have published further regulations to amend the operation of admission appeals until September 2021.

Schools and academy trusts must adapt their processes to ensure that families who submit an appeal are not disadvantaged and are able to have their appeal heard within a reasonable timescale by an independent panel in a fair and transparent manner.

As always though, our team of legal experts are on hand, albeit virtually, to help you prepare for, and if required support you, with any appeals that come your way. Our services include:

  1. Virtual training sessions for clerks, admissions officers and those with responsibilities for school admissions or appeals
  2. Paper-based training guidance
  3. Virtual clerking services.

Virtual training sessions for clerks, admissions officers and those with responsibilities for school admissions or appeals

The Admissions Appeals Code requires you to undertake a number of steps when preparing for and hosting an admissions appeal hearings. To help admissions officers, clerks and those with responsibilities for school admissions or appeals prepare we are able to offer training on admissions & appeals which goes beyond the requirements laid down in the School Admissions Appeals Code 2012. If you would be interested in obtaining training, please contact us.

Paper-based guidance for Clerks and Admission Leads: £150

We understand that not everyone has the time to attend a full training session or would prefer written document to follow. As such we have put together this written resource for Clerks and/or admission leads outlining the key actions that you should take when managing an appeal, either on paper or virtually.

Provided in a PDF document, key contents includes:

  1. Guidance and templates relating to paper hearings
  2. Step by step instructions for managing remote appeals.
  3. An overview on how you can use technology effectively to ensure fairness
  4. Draft documentation to send to parents and the admissions authorities outlining how the technology works, how the appeal will be conducted and simple steps to help the parties access the technology.

To order your copy please contact us.

Virtual clerking service

Put your mind at ease by arranging for one of our fully trained legal experts to manage your appeals via our virtual clerking service.

Historically we have delivered this service in person, but in line with the new relaxed guidance from the DfE and social distancing measures we will Clerk your appeals via your in-house video or tele-conferencing platform.

Available for £700 per half day clerking services include:

  • Preparing for appeal hearings
  • Virtual clerking of hearings
  • Writing of decision letters.

To give you an example of the likely costs you would incur we would assume that:

  • Where a school had 10 appeal hearings these could be completed in one day, with an additional half day required for the writing of the decision letters (£2,100 total)
  • Where a school’s appeal hearings lasted a half day, a further half day would be required for writing the decision letters (total £1,400).

To discuss your bespoke requirements please contact us via email or telephone (0370 270 6000).