There’s now greater opportunity than ever for parents, carers and guardians to voice any concerns they have relating to their child’s education and for their concerns to be heard and to be taken seriously.

While most staff in academies are aware of their legal duties relating to complaints management, many are reporting a significant increase in the workload generated by the volume and complexity of complaints they receive.

Handling complaints with the appropriate due diligence can generate a substantial overhead. This is all too often exacerbated when Ofsted or a local authority are involved, or on escalation to the Department for Education and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

We recognise the challenges this poses schools and trusts and we’re frequently asked to advise and help to successfully resolve complex complaints. We want to do more to reduce the number of complaints that reach that stage and to help reduce the impact this can have on school capacity.

Managing complaints — exploring a new way forward

With potential changes to the regulation of academy complaints proposed in Sir David Bell’s review of the ESFA, we ran a round table event with leaders from across the sector to reflect on what might be the optimal and most balanced way to address some of these challenges.

We’ll be sharing the report and recommendations from this event early in the new year. Register your interest to be among the first to receive it.

Complaints management support pack

We’re developing a suite of best practice resources with supporting guidance to help you to handle each step of the complaints process effectively.

These resources will ensure your complaint management processes are compliant, consistent and professional… yet more efficient.

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