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Advertising and marketing

Winning and retaining customers is becoming tougher every day. Delivering successful advertising and marketing campaigns, promotions and maintaining brand recognition and loyalty is essential. Our experienced advertising and marketing lawyers work with you to take care of the regulatory and legal issues affecting your advertising and marketing plan, leaving you free to focus on the strategic and creative side of your campaigns.

Our expert team has represented over 40 major national and international brands and leading agencies in advertising, marketing and promotional matters; drawing on its experience from a range of sectors including food and drink, retail, sports, leisure, health and beauty.

Our advertising and marketing lawyers combine cutting-edge legal experience with straightforward commercial guidance into any issues our clients face. We work with our clients above, below and through the line, as well as advising behind the scenes of many advertising campaigns. We often give ad-hoc advice on an urgent basis and provide compliance advice on a fixed price, 24 hour or five day turnaround basis. We leave you free to focus on the strategic, creative side of your campaigns and to grow your business.

What we do...

  • ASA Complaints - we help our client both strenuously defend themselves against ASA complaints that have been made against them, using the full force of our experience to persuade the ASA that the statements that have been made can be substantiated or that consumers would not construe them as claimed, and we make complaints for those of our clients that are responsible about what they claim their products can do - but who want their competitors to be responsible too, so that there is a level playing-field.
  • Experiential advertising - we specialise in providing advice regarding “experiential” or “live” advertising - we are well known for providing high profile advertising and marketing advice to the world’s number one group of brands. 
  • Brand name clients - we provide substantial in-house advertising and marketing advice to significant brand groups as well as national chains that carry out a large amount of own-brand advertising. We also act for food and beverage brands for sizable brands names.
  • Agency advice - we have vast experience with production agencies - including the drafting of production agreements between agencies and their client brands for major experiential projects.
  • High profile events - our highly acclaimed brands, advertising and marketing event, is well-known in the industry and one of the longest running dedicated legal advertising and marketing events in the UK.
  • Regulatory -  high-end regulatory compliance work in relation to the recall of products including both the luxury and cosmetic sectors both of which have specific legislation applying to them.
  • International work – advising on the international aspects of advertising and marketing work; we quickly and cost-effectively instruct and co-ordinate foreign lawyers and IP attorneys through our close relationships with patent and trade mark attorneys and through Pangea Net - a non-exclusive, international network of independent law firms.
  • Products - the sale of innovative fixed priced legal products such as our popular IP audit and our website audit.

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