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Instant In House

A break from tradition

Most law firms struggle to deviate far from the traditional hourly rate. They might offer volume discounts, or fixed fees for specific matters, but even then the fixed fee is determined having regard to how much time is likely to be incurred in doing the work.

Instant In House is different - we are able to offer a true fixed-price retainer arrangement which relies upon a close and trusting relationship with our clients. We gain an understanding of your requirements, charge a fixed monthly fee, and appreciate that there will be certain months in the year where you require more support than others. That’s absolutely fine and we are happy to ride out the peaks and troughs to give you budgetary certainty, spreading your legal spend equally throughout the year.

Retainer costs expained

How it works

We set-up your Instant In House service in three stages

Stage 1: we gain a better understanding of your requirements, and create a bespoke retainer package

  • We provide an initial consultation free of charge, providing us with an opportunity to better understand your requirements.
  • Following that meeting, if you would like to take up the Instant In House service, we will provide you with a proposal, setting out the detail of your bespoke retainer package.
  • You will be allocated a client partner, responsible for you as a client, and a dedicated client relationship manager, your day-to-day point of contact for all instructions. Your client relationship manager will be a senior Solicitor or Associate, and will undertake a high proportion of the work that you require, allocating the remainder to practice area specialists elsewhere in the firm.

Stage 2: we get to know you better

  • Your client relationship manager will get up to speed with your business and your requirements quickly.
  • We typically suggest that this person spends some time at your offices, interviewing stakeholders, reviewing key contracts and documentation, and prioritising the work to be undertaken.
  • During this process we will learn more about your business and may further refine your bespoke retainer package.

Stage 3: we get to work

  • Once you are happy with your bespoke retainer package, and we have agreed a fixed fee for providing that service, we will get to work. 
  • From that point on, you and your wider team will be able to call upon our services, treating us as an extension of your in house team.
  • We deliver our advice quickly and efficiently, you don’t have to worry about obtaining fee estimates, agreeing fixed fees, or other formalities.


Once the Instant In House service is up and running, we would review your retainer with you at regular intervals (typically monthly or quarterly) to ensure that you are getting best value, and to provide flexibility should your needs change

At these review meetings we report on the amount of time that we have incurred, so that you know and can demonstrate that the service represents good value to your organisation.


what next?

Would you like to find out more about how our Instant In House service could help support the legal and regulatory needs of your organisation? We would love to speak to you. Please contact one of our team using the details below or complete the form on this page and someone will be in touch to discuss this with you.

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