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Checker service for in house lawyers

benefit from the backing of a full service law firm

Our checker service gives you access to a diverse range of legal experts - offering clear opinions and straightforward advice.  As an in house lawyer you get a second opinion and you get to know us at the same time.  It’s also free of charge - exceptional service, every time, from experts. Get in touch today for access to our checker service for in house legal teams.

Our fees

There is no fee for this service - we will not charge for the call, even where this answers your question in its entirety.

Where queries are likely to require further research, drafting, or a more detailed review we would discuss the work required and agree a fee with you for more detailed advice.  

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • the service is provided on a trial basis, subject to annual renewal and subject to a fair usage policy. It can’t be used in place of another product or in respect of general employment advice.  We also can’t (and don’t) guarantee an answer to a question and sometimes we may be conflicted from answering.  Not all queries are simple or easy – but this is one way to find out if you need to spend the time on external counsel!
  • these terms and conditions are in addition to Browne Jacobson’s terms and conditions of engagement. You must have agreed to these (and sign up for this checker product) to benefit from the service. To allow us to check conflicts we may need to call you back.
Richard Nicholas

Richard Nicholas

Partner and Responsible for In House Lawyers

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