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Fixed price lease renewal

Business leases normally have a right of renewal. Unfortunately the legal process and formal notices required are complex and an application to court is regularly required as part of the process. Businesses normally associate courts with substantial open-ended costs. However this does not need to be the case with Browne Jacobson’s fixed price lease renewal offer.

Our offer

Browne Jacobson’s property litigation team is one of the largest specialist teams in the country and has lawyers in Nottingham, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Exeter. We recognise the need for certainty on costs in the lease renewal process which is why we offer two transparent fixed price approaches for lease renewal:

  • menu pricing – fixed prices for each stage of the process
  • onestop pricing – one fixed price right through to any court proceedings. 

Our approach

We work closely with our wider property team (consisting of over 50 property lawyers) who all provide one
fixed price for negotiating and completing your new lease. We handle hundreds of lease renewals each year
for many household names and we guarantee you the same level of service and certainty on costs.

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