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Shared Insights: Overview of inquests in relation to deaths in custody

In this session, our speakers discussed gave an overview of inquests in relation to deaths in custody and discussed three key themes; Documentation Provision, Communication, and Decision making. They also discussed Healthcare in a prison setting - manging the unique challenges.

10 June 2022

In our latest Shared Insights session chaired by Samantha Paxman and Sarah Stork we were pleased to be joined by Stephen Kennedy, General manager Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Dr Paul MacAllister, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist - Clinical Director, Devon Community Forensic and Prison Service - Devon Partnership NHS Trust. Samantha gave an overview of inquests in relation to deaths in custody looking at 3 key themes of documentation provision, communication and decision making. Paul and Stephen discussed managing the unique challenges of healthcare in a prison setting, including integration, collaboration between prison and healthcare staff and discharge and continuity of care in the community. We also looked at when things go wrong, including PPO investigations, embedding learning and implementing change.

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