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NSIA: the thorn in the side of M&A?

28 February 2023

The National Security and Investment Act 2021 (NSIA) came into force in January 2022.

Whilst it didn’t come with the fanfare that other legislative changes have, it has quietly had a significant impact on the M&A market with mandatory filings and delayed completions for those transactions within the scope of the Act.

Whilst it is a lawyer’s job to advise on legal issues which need to be pro-actively managed in the context of M&A, we are seeing an increasing number of process letters address NSIA issues and corporate finance advisers and investors engaging with it early.

This webinar gives you an overview of the NSIA regime (the sectors caught by it and the process to obtain approval) and also provides some practical tips on how it can be pro-actively and efficiently managed through an M&A process.

Our NSIA specialist partner, Matthew Woodford, and corporate partner, Ryan Brown, share their experience of the NSIA regime and what advisors can do/look out for before bringing a company to market so, as a workstream, it can be pro-actively managed and doesn’t come as an unwanted/unpleasant surprise at the eleventh hour.

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