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State aid and subsidy control


State aid and subsidy control rules for public funds are governed by European legislation and case law. Access to expertise is vital for a project’s success where this involves public funding, support or other investment. From advising on specific grants to large scale redevelopment projects, our specialist team provides sector specific advice on all aspects of state aid. We use our experience of advising aid providers and recipients across several sectors, and in a wide range of circumstances, to identify a route to state aid and subsidy control compliance that eliminates the risk of challenges without departing from your key goals and objectives.

What we do...

  • Our clients - central and local government, NHS Trusts and other public sector bodies (such as government agencies and LEPS) private and third sector organisations entering into joint ventures with the public sector and seeking grants or other public sector investment mutuals and publicly owned companies.
  • Our expertise - dealing with both public and private clients enables us to provide bespoke solutions without ‘reinventing the wheel’.
  • Sector experience - social care, education, health, government and public sector.
  • Four dedicated specialists - working nationally.
  • Our services - interpretation of European legislation and case law, funding issues using block exemptions and approved schemes, strategic policy reviews, funding decisions and challenges, joint venture vehicles and funding structures competition law, Private Finance Initiative/Public Private Partnership/projects, corporate finance, property.
  • Bespoke training - on state aid rules and their practical application.
  • Industry memberships – UK State aid Lawyers Association (Competition Law Association), Procurement Law Association.

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We waited more than a year for it, but the wait is over – we finally have a domestic case on the new subsidy control regime.


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In this on-demand session, Alex Kynoch and Angelica Hymers explore the practicalities of complying with the new Subsidy Control Bill, and the impact of illustrative guidance and policy statements recently published by the Government.


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It has been a turbulent couple of years for those involved in subsidy control, and 2022 will be equally challenging. The Subsidy Control Bill (Bill) will take effect in 2022.


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Subsidy control

2022 is the year in which the UK’s new post-Brexit subsidy control regime will take effect. The new Subsidy Control Bill will form the backbone of the UK’s new subsidy control regime. The new Bill will replace the EU’s state aid rules, which applied until the end of the Brexit transition period.


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