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Shared Insights: Coroners' Question Time

In this session, our speakers discussed fundamentals of disclosure, general points on disclosure & Post-Pandemic, interested Persons & Patient Safety Incident Response, and how we can help & Takeaway Tips.

30 June 2022

In our latest Shared Insights session, a Coroners’ Question Time focusing on disclosure chaired by Nicola Evans and Ed Pollard, we were pleased to be joined by; Mr Zak Golombeck, Area Coroner for Manchester City, Miss Louise Pinder, Assistant Coroner for Derby and Derbyshire, and Mrs Debbie Rookes, Assistant Coroner for Avon and Assistant Coroner for Dorset. The discussion covered a number of topics including the fundamentals of disclosure, what is happening post-pandemic, Interested Persons, Patient Safety Incident Response and some helpful takeaway tips. For more information and details of how we can help, you can download the note below.

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