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Public Matters - June 2021

This month includes updates on GPoC, JCT or NEC, 'failure to remove' claims, regeneration, risk in health and social care and subsidy control.

17 June 2021

Welcome to our Public Matters Newsletter.

This month we have:

General Power of Competence: what does this mean for Wales?

Neil Kates discusses the introduction of GPoC for Welsh local authorities, sets out its benefits, limits and how we can help.

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Early contractor involvement is growing in popularity with local authorities, but which is the best route, JCT or NEC?

Martin Cannon summarises which drafting works best and where there are traps for the unwary.

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More guidance on ‘failure to remove’ claims: what are the implications for children’s services and SAR teams?

Sarah Erwin-Jones looks at a recent flurry of judgments on the issue of the existence of a duty of care in children’s ‘failure to remove’ cases.

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Can local authorities still drive town and city centre regeneration?

It’s no secret that our towns and city centres are facing enormous challenges. Jonathan Allen looks at the shift in planning policy and what it means for local authorities.

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Regeneration review - where are we now?

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Changing the narrative about risk in health and social care

James Arrowsmith looks at how we think and talk about risk needs to change.

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Subsidy control after Brexit - a practitioner's perspective

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement is intended to be permissive rather than restrictive. Angelica Hymers provides an update on the six principles and restrictions.

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