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Shared Insights: PSIRF and what it means for independent providers

26 April 2023

Amelia Newbold and Heather Caddy were delighted to be joined by Flora McCabe, Head of Advocacy and Risk Management, Healthcare Senior Vice President at Lockton Companies LLP, to share her experience of working as a broker for independent providers and discuss the challenges faced by independent healthcare providers when transitioning to the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF).  

Different organisations will be at different stages of the transition journey and independent providers are likely to experience some different issues and challenges to NHS organisations, but this session provided an opportunity for sharing of experiences across both the NHS and independent sector, both in relation to the preparation work being done to transition to PSIRF but also what changes PSIRF will bring that will impact on other processes such as inquests and claims.

Click here to read the full note from the session, and to see how we can help

Click here for a detailed checklist we prepared to help organisations prepare for PSIRF

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