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Litigation in 2023 – Reforms on the horizon

13 January 2023
Emma Marshall

A substantial programme of modernisation of the civil courts is underway and several pilot schemes are in operation, with some concluding in 2023. There is a clear underlying theme to the reforms – to digitise the civil court process, encourage early settlement and reduce the number of claims reaching trial. 

The Electronic Working Pilot Scheme, which is due to complete in April 2023, aims to further extend the compulsory electronic issue and filing requirements currently in place in a number of divisions in the High Court.

The Online Money Claims Pilot Scheme, which is due to complete in November 2023, aims to simplify and speed up the claims process for low value claims in the County Court. 

While due to complete in 2024, the Damages Claims Pilot Scheme and Small Claims Paper Determination Pilot will continue to run throughout 2023. The former provides an online early case management tool and the latter allows for certain small claims to be determined on paper, rather than at a hearing.

The outcome of these schemes is eagerly awaited and it is hoped they will provide much needed efficiency and modernisation into the County Court system.



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