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Series 1 – 2018-19

#EdInfluence podcast (series 1) - for education leaders

06 June 2018

Trusted by thousands of education providers across the country and an approved partner of the NGA, NAHT, CST, ASCL and ISBL, we are a national law firm helping our clients and partner organisations shape and influence education policy.

Providing insight and advice to education leaders in a collaborative and innovative way – our aim is to help you do what is right for your pupils and staff.

#EdInfluence draws on our own experiences and those of our clients and partners, to uncover the insights and beliefs of people who are truly invested in shaping the education space right now and those that are passionate about making a difference in the way in which we educate our children and young people.

Join our sector leading lawyers, Mark Blois and Nick MacKenzie as we cut through the policies, politics and red tape to engage in honest, humanised conversations with some of today’s most inspiring leaders.

Season 1 overview

During the first season of EdInfluence our sector leading lawyers, Mark Blois and Nick MacKenzie explored themes of autonomy, accountability and collaboration across schools within large multi academy trusts

Guests including Ian Livingstone CBE, Andrew Warren, the then Chair of The Teaching Schools Council, ASCL’s General Secretary Geoff Barton and more.

When speaking about the series, Nick said:

“What has been fascinating is hearing about the incredible things that are happening right now within schools and academies – for example, how Shireland are harnessing technology to support learning, how co-founder of Games Workshop Ian Livingstone believes in the notion of learning through play. We hear how Paul Whiteman is passionate about removing the fear from data and installing confidence in the teaching profession, and our client Hugh Greenway talks about the purpose of education and piloting Ofsted's new inspection framework.... everyone will enjoy listening to these real stories…”

Catch-up on series 3

Catch-up on series 2


What it's like running a large MAT, a CEO's perspective

We’re rejoined by Hugh Greenway from the Elliot Foundation to look at his experience of running a large MAT and how the Trust has embedded a strong vision and belief that all pupils can achieve.

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The purpose of education and Ofsted's new framework

Hugh Greenway CEO of the Elliot Foundation Academies Trust joins us to discuss the purpose of education and their experience piloting Ofsted’s new inspection framework. 

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Bringing in technology to support learning and school improvement 

Having successfully inspired thousands of young people through integrated learning systems Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust’s Executive Principle Sir Mark Grundy shares his insights into how their approach has developed over time. We examine what it takes to do it at scale, the importance of being brave and the positive outcomes for pupils who are being encouraged to learn differently.

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Improving school accountability - pupil performance, inspections and improvement

NAHT’s General Secretary Paul Whiteman joins us as we seek to recreate an accountability system that’s fit for today’s school system and consider the direction for future reforms.

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The value of play, collaboration and creativity in learning

Ian Livingstone CBE takes us behind the UK’s high-tech creative and video games industries for a thought-provoking look at the national curriculum. We explore possible ways of making it more engaging and consider the use of learning through play to develop critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills.

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What should ethical leadership in the education system look like?

ASCL’s General Secretary Geoff Barton and Director of Policy Julie McCulloch lead the conversation, exploring the importance of ethical leadership before considering what does a successful leader look like? 

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Revisiting autonomy in the school system - freedom to be different

We revisit the concept of autonomy, accountability and curriculum with Leora Cruddas, CEO of the Federation of School Trusts (FASNA) and discuss the future direction of the organisation. 

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Continuing the conversation on our school system - the TSC think piece and looking ahead - what's next?

With the importance of good governance in the education sector well documented, we are joined by Andrew Warren, the then Chair of The Teaching Schools Council and Stephen Munday to look at what next for the self-improving school system.

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