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Ascensus – the programme for in-house lawyers and business leaders’ launch event

20 April 2023

The work of in-house counsel is always evolving but the next 18 months will change many of our roles entirely.

Join our expert speakers to hear about the four essential skills all of us will need over the next 18 months:

Skill 1 – Digital Discernment: There’s no longer any need to ask if artificial intelligence will replace what you’re doing today. It will, and much sooner than you might think. The question is – how prepared are you? Can you advise on the implementation, on the ethical and practical issues? We share insights from our specially commissioned research into issues for in-house lawyers and businesses

Giles Parsons, Partner at Browne Jacobson LLP and Mike Rebeiro, Strategic Advisor at Browne Jacobson LLP

Skill 2 – Up to date legal knowledge: Changes to commercial, and employment law in particular mean that much of what we take for granted will be out of date in the next 24 months. Don’t be that person who missed the recent changes and finds themselves corrected in the next negotiation!

Richard Nicholas, Partner and in-house lawyer's lead at Browne Jacobson LLP and James Tait, Partner at Browne Jacobson LLP

Skill 3 - Adaptability: The need to be flexible and learn new skills outside the law, including many that aren’t taught in law school.

Dan Kayne, Founder of O Shaped and Catherine Baker, Founder and Director at Sport and Beyond Ltd

Skill 4 - Personal Responsibility: The importance of aspiring to do better, to understand other perspectives, to take time out and learn the skill and power of listening – and debunking some myths around coaching.

Iain Blatherwick, Partner at Browne Jacobson LLP and Liz Sebag-Montefiore, Director and Co-Founder at 10eighty

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