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Are we what you’re looking for?

We have so much to offer our Future Lawyers, and we look forward to you showing us how you can: 

  • Illustrate your ambition and enthusiasm for law - we want to know that you’re committed to building your career in law with us
  • explain complicated things in a straightforward way - our lawyers offer ‘if I were you’ advice to solve clients’ legal and business problems and make the law accessible: we do pragmatic, not stuffy
  • Value client service – how do you feel when you receive excellent service, and when you don’t? We want you to bring the former to how you serve clients
  • Demonstrate world awareness – what interests you in the world and how do you stay aware of what is happening?
  • Be responsible - managing your own time and handling your own cases might seem daunting: what have you done which shows how you can step up and make sometimes tough decisions?
  • Collaborate – we’re a big team who work together, and each of us uses our own initiative too: how do you work in a team while also playing your own part?
  • Be resilient – our work isn’t easy, and often we have to dig deep to deliver our best. What situations in your life have tested your resilience and how have you worked through them?
  • Show drive - we look for people who get things done

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