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Alliance Network East Midlands - the importance of intersectionality

4 May 2021

This took place on Thursday 29 April 2021 and is now available on-demand. The content in this recording was correct as of the original webinar date.

The Alliance Network are excited to tell you that we are extending our LGBTQI+ network in the East Midlands region.

The Alliance Network East Midlands brings together a diverse range of local employers to:

  • Promote and share best practice
  • Support each other to be more inclusive
  • Reach out and connect to our communities
  • Promote the East Midlands as a destination for a diverse workforce

We were delighted to be joined by:

  • Rev Jide Macaulay, from House of Rainbow
  • Maryam Din, from Stonewall / QTIPOC Notts
  • Luke Williams, from BPP
  • Dr Ju Gosling, from Regard

Our panel focused on the key theme of intersectionality, and the breadth of experience of a diverse LGBTQI+ community.

Our steering group would also love to hear from you if you would like to collaborate with us on this project. If would like to become a member of the network please click here.


Become a member of the Alliance Network East Midlands by clicking here.

Resources and guides:

  1. All Alliance Network East Midlands events are free to access. If you would like to make a charitable contribution to support yesterday’s event, our panellists have nominated: House of Rainbow, QTIPOC Notts and the Disability Law Service. Donations are payable via their individual websites.

  2. Black LGBT organisations you should know about: At Stonewall their Black LGBT staff have identified a number of Black-led LGBT organisations, community groups and social spaces that are doing incredible work and providing much needed support for Black LGBT people in the UK. Click here

  3. Disability Law Service: dls.org.uk

  4. Download your free copy of Inclusivity, supporting BAME trans people here

  5. Gendered Intelligence/GIRES: Trans support. Click here

  6. Global Butterflies: Helping Businesses Become Trans & Non-Binary Inclusive. Click here

  7. House of Rainbow: Request support

  8. Iglyo: Intersectionality Toolkit (2014)

  9. Law Society LGBT+ Lawyers Division: Committed to promoting inclusion in the legal profession, reflecting the diversity of our society. Click here

  10. myGwork: LGBT+ friendly employers/job vacancy listings. Click here

  11. QTIPOC organisations you should know about: A list curated by the BAME/PoC Staff Network of the organisations, community groups and social spaces that are creating incredible work and support for QTIPOC people in the UK. Click here

  12. Regard: Supporting Disabled LGBTQ people. Click here

  13. Stonewall: 10 ways to be an ally to Black LGBT people. Click here

  14. Stonewall: 15 things LGBTQ people of colour want you to know. Click here

  15. Stonewall: Faith and LGBT inclusion. Click here

  16. Stonewall: 8 Ways to be a better ally to LGBT Disabled people. Click here

  17. Stonewall: Workplace Equality Index/Starting Out Guide. Click here

  18. Unorthodox: LGBT+ Identity and Faith: Unorthodox tells the stories of LGBT+ people of faith throughout the country. Click here

  19. Wave LGBT+ Network: An LGBT+ network offering a platform to develop leadership capabilities and career progression. Click here

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