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Fraud and asset recovery


Modern day fraud can occur in any business or organisation. It is often fast moving and borderless. Our experienced team recognises that action needs to be taken quickly, and knowledge of local and international remedies is essential.

We are one of only a few firms who have the combined experience in fraud prevention, detection and international fraud recovery claims. We have advised on some of the world’s largest fraud cases leading all the way to the highest appeal courts where billions of pounds are at stake and claims arise in multiple jurisdictions.

We represent numerous banks, insurers, national and global businesses, the NHS and many other public sector bodies, as well as domestic and foreign insolvency practitioners. Our tried and tested strategies have helped clients avoid claims, identify fraud and recover millions of pounds worldwide. We tailor our approach, using a combination of civil and criminal prosecution powers to maximise recoveries.

Our team operates from across our five office network in the UK and draws on the experience of other trusted specialists worldwide. We can help you with:
  • fraud prevention and detection training;
  • obtaining and responding to freezing orders and search and seizure orders; 
  • obtaining and responding to disclosure orders and foreign letters of request; 
  • conducting internal investigations; and
  • domestic and international litigation.

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Integrated Care Boards and preventing NHS fraud

On 7 July this year, NHS England published its statutory guidance for Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and with it set out the ICBs’ role and responsibilities and how they should collaborate, interact and carry out their anti-fraud, bribery and corruption functions in concert with NHS England.



Civil remedies trump POCA recovery in landmark decision

The decision in Crown Prosecution Service v Aquila Advisory Limited provides welcome clarification on the interplay between POCA and common law recovery. It seems companies may still be subject to the POCA regime and stripped of a potential windfall which the CPS did not avail themselves of in this case.



Payment Fraud landscape shaped by technology in 2021

Payment systems across Europe are under increased pressure to mitigate fraud risks and defend against persistent attacks from enablers using ever more sophisticated and malicious viruses and malware.



Chancellor announces levy on companies subject to anti-money laundering regulations

The Chancellor’s latest Budget Report outlined that the Government will introduce a £100 million Economic Crime Levy, otherwise known as the AML Levy no earlier than April 2022 to fund action to tackle money laundering and ensure delivery of reforms in the Government’s Economic Crime Plan.


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