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Litigation Quickcall: Commercial dispute resolution

Litigation Quickcall offers a service where, for a fixed quarterly cost, you can speak to a member of our commercial dispute resolution team to talk through a number of different issues relating to business disputes with us in order to get a headline view of your position.

Businesses want to avoid disputes as they invariably lead to cost, uncertainty and can be a drain on time and other resources. Unfortunately, from time to time they inevitably happen. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic which saw many contracts go unfulfilled, many businesses are seeking alternatives to contentious resolutions.

Whether it be considering the effect of a Force Majeure clause, how to get out of a contract or the different ways in which you may look to resolve a dispute, we can provide early guidance on your options. This leaves you better informed and able to make the right decision about how best to resolve the dispute.

What do we offer?

For a fixed quarterly fee, we will provide you with an on-demand telephone advisory service that works in three simple steps:

Stage 1 - Subscribe to the Litigation Quickcall service for a fixed quarterly fee.

Stage 2 - As and when you need guidance on an issue arising out of a business contract, you send a brief outline of the problem to a dedicated email address, and we’ll check whether the Litigation Quickcall service would apply.

Stage 3 - We get to work. If the matter falls into the Quickcall service, one of our commercial disputes experts will spend up to 45 minutes reviewing the issue and then discuss it with you by telephone.

Importantly, after the first quarter, we’ll review your usage and its value with you to ensure that the Litigation Quickcall service is working for you.


The quarterly cost is tailored to your likely needs to ensure it works for you. Typically, we charge between £750 – 1,500 plus VAT per quarter.

Would you like to find out more about how our Litigation Quickcall service could help support the needs of your business? We’d love to speak to you. Please contact one of our team using the details below.