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be connected newsletter for higher education - November 2021

In this edition we provide you with the latest in legal updates, news and insight from the higher education sector.

15 November 2021

Welcome to be connected our quarterly update for Higher Education Institutions.

We aim to provide content that offers you real value and relevant, useful information from our national team of legal and HR experts.

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In this edition we provide you with the latest in legal updates, news and insight from the higher education sector.

Legal updates

The DfE’s Draft Education and Sustainability Strategy

The 5 November 2021 had the theme of “Youth and Public Empowerment” at CoP26. It was therefore fitting that the Secretary of State for Education released the draft Sustainability and Climate Change strategy for education and children’s services systems.

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Digital transformation in HE – things to consider

What does digital transformation (DT) mean to you? Because as it turns out, it means different things depending on who you ask. For higher education institutions, it could mean increasing your reliance on cloud services, accessing HE specific apps and tools tailored for your environment, or finding ways of integrating a number of different standalone technology services so that they work effectively together to deliver a coherent strategy. But getting going on a DT programme may also mean that you come into contact with specialists you do not routinely deal with on your business-as-usual activities.

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Quashing the rebellion – or inciting it?

Following its defeat in respect of the prorogation case in 2019, the Government commissioned an Independent Review of Administrative Law in 2020. The Review was Chaired by Lord Faulks QC and reported earlier in 2021. In this article, Laura Hughes (Partner) outlines the proposals to the Act, and highlights what this means for the HE sector.

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Managing consortium bids

There is a big difference between consortium and sub-contracting arrangements. In this article, procurement specialist Anja Beriro looks at the three pinch points that procurement and service managers should be aware of and consider when running a tender, where it is likely that consortium bids will be made.

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Supporting disabled applicants to higher or degree apprenticeships

Over the past 12 months we have noticed an increasing number of enquiries from clients relating to disability support for disabled students on higher or degree apprenticeships. Largely, these have related to uncertainties over the respective roles and legal responsibilities of HEIs and employers, and confusion about the funding available to students for adjustments.

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Women in knowledge exchange and spinouts

Women may have broken down many professional and personal barriers, but significant gender disparity remains in the research and development community.

In this article, first published by PraxisAuril in their 2021 Conference Proceedings, commercial specialists Sam Sharp and Jess Johnson look at the role of women in knowledge exchange and spinouts.

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