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Q&A with Kit Doleman: “you earn the right to progress through hard work, effort and results”

Our FAIRE event brought together speakers from across the legal sector and our lawyers, managers and directors gave an insight into their own career paths.

As part of our Q&A series shining a spotlight on the people and roles from around the firm, we pose 10 of your career-focused questions to our Finance Director Kit Doleman. Kit is responsible for all finance functions within the firm. He’s also the Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration.

Here Kit outlines how hard work and determination can help you define the next steps in your career.

What sacrifices have you had to make when becoming a senior leader?

I spent 10 years working on a weekly commute basis away from home and/or travelling 30-40,000 miles a year for work.

From a leadership point of view, do you have a strategy when you feel something you are working on gets overwhelming?

Talk it through with someone (and have a break).

How hard is it to make your way up the ladder?

It depends on your abilities. Whoever you are though, you earn the right to progress through hard work, effort and results, you do not have an innate right to progress.

What motivates you to do your work?

Doing a good job.

What is one word you would use to sum up your career?


What has been the most memorable point in your career?

Turning around a Care Provider business, including resolving all their significant quality issues and increasing profits from £2m to £6m pa. I was the CEO.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Don’t worry about what career path you start off on. You can, and probably will, change course along the way and find the right thing for you.

What is a current issue affecting law firms aside from Covid-19? How is the legal industry changing as a whole?

We’re seeing the commoditisation of certain activities that have historically been undertaken very profitably by solicitors.

What soft skills do you recommend we try to attain as being book smart is not enough?

Communication skills are vital and that especially includes asking others what they would do and listening to what they say. You do not have all the answers!

What can I do to make myself stand out amongst other candidates if I am looking for a career in law/business?

Be prepared and be yourself.

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