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Gender and ethnicity pay gap report April 2019

Set against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, growing uncertainty over Brexit, price pressures and ever-evolving client expectations we are proud of the continuing growth and development we have seen at Browne Jacobson. Not only have we been able to invest in key areas of the business, designed to improve client services, but our long-standing reputation for legal excellence has left us in a strong position to face the commercial challenges which the current year brings.

As we continue to look to the future, we are committed to ensuring that Browne Jacobson is a great place to work, a great partner to work with, supporting our local communities and thinking about the impact we have on the environment. As a national powerhouse in the UK legal market we continue to work hard at being future-focused in our approach - reflecting and respecting the wide range of clients we serve and looking for opportunities and solutions which benefit all of them. Our priority, as ever, is to recruit, retain and celebrate the diversity of our employees, and pay them fairly for what they do.

Last year’s annual Gender Pay Gap report demonstrated that we were making good headway in responding to this need for greater transparency, diversity and equitable opportunity. Although there is still work to do in improving career opportunities and salary progression for women, both within the legal sector as a whole and within Browne Jacobson, we are able this year to demonstrate some improvements in terms of the balance of gender representation across the pay quartiles in our organisation.

In 2018 we made the decision - although not required - to include equity partners in our reporting. In 2019 we have continued this unswerving commitment to factual, honest reporting and included data relating to ethnicity. It is our view that the legal sector sits in a privileged position in being able to effect systemic change, across the UK, through its own best practice. At Browne Jacobson we want to lead by example and, while some factors take time, transparency and honesty in reporting can be delivered immediately.

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