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While we operate in a fiercely competitive market, Browne Jacobson has been through a period of extraordinary growth. Maintaining a sustainable business model relies on delivering innovative and relevant solutions for our clients. To be relevant means to reflect and respect the wide range of clients we serve. This takes a diverse team. That’s why our priority is to recruit, retain and celebrate the diversity of our employees, and pay them fairly for what they do.

There is more work to do in improving career opportunities and salary progression for women, both within the legal sector as a whole and within Browne Jacobson. However, you will see from this, our second gender pay report, that we are continuing to improve the balance of gender representation across the pay quartiles in our organisation.

Although the measures we put in place in 2017 are working, and we are seeing an impact on the numbers, this is not a short fix and some factors will take longer to influence. What is in our immediate control is factual, honest reporting. That’s why, despite the fact we don’t need to include equity partners in our reporting, we have undertaken a voluntary exercise to run additional data with partners included over and above our reportable figures.

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