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Using health tech to combat coronavirus

20 March 2020

Please note: the information contained in this legal update is correct as of the original date of publication

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to rapidly spread, the House of Commons is currently considering the Coronavirus Bill 2019-2021. The Secretary of State has the ability to declare COVID-19 a ‘serious and imminent threat to public health’, in which case drastic powers of detainment, forced testing and isolation will be afforded to the police, public health and immigration officials.

Self-isolation remains the government’s key advice to those at risk of infection. Combined with the potential for detainment in the near future, many are looking to advances in health tech to provide a solution. The ability for patients to be treated without having to physically visit a hospital or GP will prove invaluable in providing necessary care whilst minimising the spread of the virus further. Increased pressure will therefore be placed on ensuring health tech is used in an appropriate way.

A mass influx of confidential data being transmitted online must be afforded sufficient cyber security. Clients should keep all software up to date and undertake vigorous security and testing protocols. Additionally, contracts should be reviewed to ensure best modern practices are employed, robust security obligations are enforced and compliance with data protection legislation is achieved.

If you would like us to look at the robustness of your contracts to futureproof your requirements or advise on your information governance arrangements please get in touch with a member of our Commercial team.

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