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One stop licence to sponsor and visa applications

Since the introduction of the Points-Based System, the Government has gradually made it more and more difficult to recruit non-EEA workers. The rules are complex and constantly changing; the process is time-consuming; and responsibility for compliance with onerous obligations has been transferred from the UKVI to the employer.

Notwithstanding this, given the shortage of qualified resident workers employer's are finding it increasingly vital to fill the skills gap from outside.

In order to do so, organisations will first need to apply for a Licence to Sponsor and then, even if successful in obtaining this, the intended recruit will need to score the necessary points and apply for the appropriate visa to be permitted to come and work for you.

If you fail to apply for the appropriate Licence to Sponsor and/or visa, the applications will be rejected and you will lose valuable time and money by having to start the process over again. In addition, the consequences of an organisation failing to comply with the requirements of the Licence to Sponsor and visa are onerous, with fines of up to £20,000 and criminal prosecutions and the potential for the UKBA to bar you from recruiting non-EEA nationals indefinitely.

It is therefore important that you get it right and that you get it right first time. With this in mind, we have developed a low cost fixed fee product to provide you with the support that you need to maximise your chances of obtaining a Licence to Sponsor and the visa that will enable your intended recruit to come to the UK and commence work for you.

Peace of mind for a fixed fee

We will:

  • Assess whether or not the individual you want to recruit will be likely to score the requisite points to be able to obtain a visa
  • Manage the application for a Licence to Sponsor (to include reviewing the supporting documentation and advising on the correct fee)
  • Assist you in obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship to enable the individual to obtain a visa
  • Advise you on the contents of the visa application that the individual will need to make
  • Advise you on your obligations to the UKVI to assist you in maintaining your Licence and continuing to employ migrant workers.