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Government sector

As specialists in public law, we have extensive experience of dealing with the decision making of educational institutions, health bodies, local authorities and government bodies. The public sector is facing unprecedented challenges. Public bodies are expected to deliver their functions with increasing emphasis on improvement and efficiency savings. Our experienced lawyers understand these pressures and align themselves to our government sector clients to deliver best-value legal services.

With a long track record of successful delivery to public bodies – which accounts for a substantial part of our firm’s turnover – we are determined and committed to supporting and working with our government sector clients. With a large team operating from our national office network, you can rely on our extensive knowledge of public law to help find the resolution you are looking for.

Public sector law

Public sector law comprises all matters of law that can emerge between the public and the state. Numerous decisions are continuously being made by the state on the public’s behalf. Public law typically centres around how these decisions impact the relationship between the state and its public, rather than individuals’ acts.

How can Browne Jacobson help with public law?

Our specialist public law solicitors work across all areas of the government sector, offering tailored advice to local authorities, fire services, the social care sector, government bodies and the social housing sector. Our client list includes over 200 local authorities, 50 NHS bodies and 10 central government departments and bodies.

We offer a full range of services, delivered to the utmost standards, thanks to the following:

  • A highly skilled team
    Our expert team of public law solicitors provide a full range of services to public bodies covering corporate governance, commercial and procurement, property, employment, health and safety, liability litigation, inquiries and function specific advice. Our dedicated specialists can be found nationwide in Nottingham, Birmingham, London, Manchester and Exeter.
  • Unparalleled experience
    We have been recognised nationally as ‘a true heavyweight’ in the public sector by legal directories.
  • Excellent value
    We deliver expert legal advice together with our innovative supporting services such as research facilities, training and insight and bespoke client portals.
  • Strategic panel members
    Our panel members include the Crown Commercial Service and the National Procurement Service for Wales, which enables any UK public body to access our services. Whether it is delivering a major regeneration project or facilitating lawful decision taking, we have teams of lawyers working across the expert fields public bodies require.
  • Thought leaders
    Our informed opinion leaders deliver seminars, write newsletters and create reports, such as the pieces on our changing state: Mergers and Demergers of Non-Departmental Public Bodies and the Issues of Devolution.

Having an expert legal team in place that understands the complexities of each public law case is essential for a successful resolution.

Why choose Browne Jacobson solicitors?

With a huge breadth of experience in both the public and private sectors, our team of public law solicitors can offer unparalleled expertise in public and admin law services. Thanks to our sector knowledge, excellent client service, pricing and product innovation and sound advice, our clients choose to stay with us.

We know what is achievable and can challenge decisions made by public bodies. At Browne Jacobson, we have the ability to keep up with the fast paced, complex nature of public sector law. Get in touch with one of our five regional centres to speak to one of our public law solicitors or call 0370 270 6000 – our dedicated team is always on hand to offer expert advice.

What we do...

  • Our clients – over 200 local authorities, 50 NHS bodies, over ten central government departments and bodies.
  • Strategic panel members - including Crown Commercial Service and the National Procurement Service for Wales enabling any UK public body to access our services our experience – whether it is delivering a major regeneration project or facilitating lawful decision taking, we have teams of lawyers working across the expert fields public bodies require.

Training and events


New guidance on exclusions - what you need to know ON24 webinar platform

The department for Education is releasing new guidance on exclusions and suspensions, making changes to the behaviour, suspension and exclusion framework and guidance. Join us on 6 July as we explain the proposed changes and help you understand how they will affect you and your school.

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ICS Forum webinar series: New rules for service reconfiguration Microsoft Teams

Chaired by Sir Neil McKay, this 1 hour webinar, presented by Gerard Hanratty will look at the Secretary of State’s new powers under the Health & Care Act 2022 over service reconfiguration and how that will impact on the current approach. The session will look at working with your local authority and the NHS England assurance process.

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Homes England partners with local authorities to boost the levelling up agenda

Homes England, the government’s housing accelerator, has partnered with two local authorities, Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Association of South Essex Local Authorities, in a new Strategic Place Partnership (SPP) which is designed to align with the government’s levelling up agenda by delivering new homes in the regions.


What’s the right level of risk?

In this on-demand webinar our procurement, health and social care and risk experts will discuss ‘what’s the right level of risk’. They also discuss what can be done to mitigate risk.


Legal updates

Public Matters - June 2022

Updates include Acclimatise! You can’t afford to cop-out, Responding to Grenfell – Slow progress is better than none and more.


Published articles

Levelling up – the role of public and private partnerships

With aims to level up the UK, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to flourish, public and private partnerships will be critical success factor. In this article, we look at the role that private finance can play in the performance of a local area and how it might link to regeneration. We also consider the role of central government and regional mayors.


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Peter Ware

Partner and Head of Government Sector

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