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Employment & safeguarding

our offer 

It is vitally important that all organisations which employ people to work with children and vulnerable adults adopt safe recruitment procedures to identify and reject people who might abuse the vulnerable, as well as embedding robust employment policies and regularly reviewing processes. With safeguarding responsibilities so high on the agenda and employment issues so intrinsically linked, we have developed a product which brings the two issues together. 

The consequences of failing to implement employment legislation and safeguarding responsibilities can be costly and damaging to the reputation of any organisation. Clients need reliable, up-to-date, practical and commercial advice to guide them through this complex legal environment and, most importantly, to secure the best and most cost effective advice with certainty and predictability of cost. 

We have a dedicated and qualified team of lawyers who are specialists in these matters, we do not use call centres or non-qualified consultants, yet our fees remain highly competitive. 

our services 

For a fixed annual fee, we can provide all, or a combination of, the following services:

  • helpline – to provide you with advice and assistance on any safeguarding or employment issue, whenever you need it
  • training – examples of our training include:
    • recruitment, vetting and barring
    • Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)
    • handling safeguarding allegations against staff and consequent disciplinary matters
    • inquests
  • guidance tracker – an email alert advising of new/updated statutory guidance on safeguarding matters with advice on necessary resultant changes to policies and procedures
  • employment contract reviews – a review of your standard terms and conditions of employment
  • employment polices and procedures review – a review of your staff handbook
  • compromise agreements – drafting and advising on compromise agreements
  • representation - defending claims brought in employment tribunals including preparation of all tribunal documents, evidence and witness statements, settlement negotiations and representation at a tribunal by ourselves or counsel (if we consider it appropriate) for hearings of up to three days 

Depending on your requirements we can build and cost a package to suit your needs.

the team 

Our employment and safeguarding lawyers are experts in their respective fields and act as one team for the benefit of clients who require a joined up approach. Our product utilises the specialist expertise of both teams, on issues which are, in many cases, interlinked. 

Given the often sensitive and high profile nature of the issues involved in employment and safeguarding our product can provide you with advice, guidance and training as and when you require it, and the comfort of knowing you have the right policies and procedures in place. 

our clients 

Our product is of benefit to clients across a range of sectors, and in particular private social care, health, education and sport. 

We are happy to discuss how this product can be tailored to your sector requirements and build a package, for a fixed annual fee, that reflects your individual needs. 

added extras 

If it is of interest, we can arrange insurance to cover any employment awards or settlement of claims arising from dismissal, subject to its terms and conditions.