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School leaders survey Spring 2024 - the results are in

24 April 2024
Nick MacKenzie

This week we’re publishing the latest findings from our School Leaders Survey, which provide valuable insight on a range of key policy issues as well as challenges and priorities of the day. 

Research for this survey was carried out during March 2024 and once again, we’re pleased to say that over 200 school leaders completed the survey. We estimate* that respondents represent leadership of over 1,800 schools, collectively responsible for nearly 1 million pupils from across all regions of England.

Parental complaints are having a significant, detrimental impact on staff wellbeing

The results tell us there’s a cry for clear guidance and more support to handle parental complaints, especially given the detrimental impact this is having on school staff, along with major, ongoing dissatisfaction with the lack of support and funding for SEND.

Significant dissatisfaction with government education policy

These are just a couple of examples of the range policy areas that school leaders have indicated are key issues and should be prioritised. With a general election on the horizon policymakers would do well to take heed.

There’s so much more for you to delve into, so we won’t share any more spoilers here!

As always, we’re grateful to all the school leaders who gave their time generously to party to participate in this survey.

Download the report

* For leaders of multi-academy trusts (MATs), we’ve used the average number of schools and pupils per MAT to reach this figure, based only on MAT leader responses to this edition of the survey. Where multiple leaders from the same school/trust have responded we have only counted once, to avoid duplication.

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