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are you Baker Clause compliant?

28 May 2019

The Baker Clause was introduced last year. This clause requires schools to publish a statement online describing their careers programmes and how providers access their pupils to talk about technical education and apprenticeships. There has been evidence that many schools are still failing to promote non-academic routes and options according to the education secretary.

The government has now issued a warning that this law will be enforced and that interventions will happen if schools continue to flout the law. However, there have been no indications what these interventions may be. Some warning letters have been sent out but what further action looks like has not been discussed. By not meeting the requirements of the Baker Clause, academies will be in breach of their funding agreement  and can therefore face action from the Regional Schools Commissioner. This can obviously have a significant impact on academy funding if sanctions are made.

Whilst compliance is key there are educators out there who want the government to invest in careers advice and guidance to ensure that this area gets the support it needs to properly help young people prepare for the future rather than threatening schools and academies with intervention. The government’s new ‘career hubs’ are a step in the right direction but more needs to be done to help schools comply with the law to ensure that students can be fully informed of their options.

By flouting the law there are not only consequences for the academy trusts via funding and compliance but also pupils who need the options to explore all routes available to them for their future.

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