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Freedom of information for education

What education providers get up to is of great interest to members of the public. As public bodies, maintained schools and academies must comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) which, in simple terms, gives any individual the right to request copies of information that a public body holds.

FOI requests can be straightforward and lawful. However, they frequently involve a request for information which falls within one of the FOI exemptions. Having the resource and expertise to identify a lawful FOI request and respond appropriately within a given time scale can be challenging, especially when the right systems are not in place.

Our Freedom of Information product aims to streamline how a school deals with FOI requests by providing a number of template documents for you to use when handling FOI requests. We also supply a step by step guide to managing FOI requests and will review your publication scheme (a mandatory document) to ensure it satisfies the Information Commissioner’s Office’s requirements.