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Choosing your seat

13 February 2011

At Browne Jacobson we are given a good deal of scope when it comes to choosing our seats. For us firsties, we will be starting our second seat at the beginning of March and have just handed in our seat options to HR.

How the selection process works is this: a list comes out from HR to all trainees with the available seats. The grown-up second years pick their top 3 choices and submit this to HR. HR then assign the seats and the amended list is given to the fresh-faced first years who choose their top 3.

But what to pick?…

The firm has four umbrella departments: Insurance and Public Risk, Business and Professional Risk, Business Services and Property, with each department containing many smaller teams. The Law Society stipulates that each trainee must do one contentious and one non-contentious seat, but other than that the firm’s our oyster.

As there are seats available in many varied departments, it can be quite a tough decision. My current supervisor advised me to do a seat in each of the umbrella departments to attain a broad training contract. I think this is good advice and I would pass it on to other trainees and would-be trainees at Browne Jacobson. One point of a training contract is that the solicitor who emerges is a well-rounded and broad-skilled person who has experience in a variety of different areas of law. We are fortunate that the size of Browne Jacobson means we are able to do this and are not confined to one area.