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Public matters - September 2019

This month is a Brexit special including general elections, public procurement, data protection and contract drafting.

24 September 2019

Welcome to our Public Matters Newsletter.

This month we have:

General elections – the role of the Acting Returning Officer

If an election is called, it will be against a backdrop of a charged political climate and the recent creation of a new and potentially major political party. Ben Standing looks at what Acting Returning Officers could be doing to manage risks.

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Election law specialists

Our election team is available to provide urgent advice throughout both the poll and the count to assist returning officers and polling station managers with any unforeseen issues that arise during the likely forthcoming election. Contact Ben Standing for more information.

What does no-deal Brexit mean for public procurement?

Gemma Pearce takes a closer look at what a no-deal Brexit mean for public procurement.

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Brexit: data protection law and local authorities?

Data protection law will be impacted by Brexit. Nat Avdiu summarises the key points for local authorities

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Contract drafting and Brexit: considerations for local authorities

As Brexit inches closer, one of the considerations for local authorities is whether contracts in place or being negotiated will still be accurate or support council business afterwards. Anja Beriro takes us through the issues to review.

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