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Public matters - January 2021

This month includes updates on state aid/ subsidy control regime, Norfolk County Council v Durrant, UK Freeport Regime, public sector exit pay, discretionary functions and powers, trading companies and special purchase vehicles.

27 January 2021

Welcome to our Public Matters Newsletter.

This month we have:

New year, new-ish state aid rules: the new subsidy control regime

Alex explains how funding bodies must grapple with the complex and challenging exercise of legal obligations from the UK-EU TCA and numerous trade agreements to grant funding until a formal subsidy regime is put in place.

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The UK Freeport Regime

The UK government’s deadline for submission of bids to secure a Freeport is fast approaching.

Athina looks at what you should be considering in a Freeport proposal.

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School not responsible for pupil attack on teaching assistant

Over five years after the event, Leah summarises how Norfolk County Council's successful appeal is a reminder that failure in a written risk assessment not fatal.

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Lack of clarity with public sector exit pay cap law

The Exit Pay Regulations raise significant legal issues for public sector employers who are scheme employers of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Kerren looks at what you can do.

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Ceasing discretionary functions and powers – some key issues for public bodies to consider

Matthew outlines the key legal questions for public bodies to consider before deciding to cease exercising a discretionary power due to limited resources or other reasons.

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Directors duties in relation to local authority trading companies and special purchase vehicles

Chloe provides some prudent steps that directors should take to minimise their risk of being personally liable in an insolvency situation.

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