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Public Matters - December 2021

Updates include waste law, construction contracts, procurement, and education law.

21 December 2021

Welcome to our Public Matters Newsletter.

This month we have:

Waste is only waste if we waste it*

Michael Mousdale looks at the impact of Part 3 of the Environment Act 2021 on waste collection authorities, including measures to reduce packaging waste, to encourage re-use and recycling and changes to the way waste will be collected.

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Have You Gotta Have Faith? The effect of good faith and mutual co-operation provisions in construction contracts

Scott Mounfield explores the concept of good faith in the context of construction contracts for public bodies, and what the recent decision in Van Oord Ltd v Dragados Ltd does for this area of law.

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Short Read: Transforming Public Procurement: Government Response to Consultation

Peter Ware outline's the key highlights from the Government's responses.

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Long Read: Transforming Public Procurement: Government Response to Consultation

Peter Ware reviews in detail the Government's response to the Transforming Public Procurement consultation.

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The DfE’s draft education and sustainability strategy: for schools

Laura Hughes considers each of the ‘action areas’ of the draft strategy & what it might mean for schools & academies.

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School Uniform – a high street takeover?

Laura Murphy looks at what schools need to know about the DfE guidance which requires school uniforms to be affordable for all.

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Responding to the impact of TikTok on your school community

Attacks by students on their teachers and their schools through the medium of TikTok is causing considerable distress and anger for teachers and leaders.

Julia Green explores what can be done legally.

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